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Estimate: The first part of the rock process is meeting with us for a free consultation to figure out what would look best for your yard. Correct measurements are taken to give the customer the most accurate cost of the project. Depending on the amount of work done, most estimates take about 15-20 minutes long. At this time, we will also check the grade of the dirt from the foundation of your home to see if additional dirt may be needed before rock installation and can be added on to the estimate. From there customers will receive a rock chart to pick out the color and size of rock. After this, the customer will be given an estimate. 

Second Meeting: Prior to installing the rock, we will meet with the homeowner to finalize the rock size, color, and exactly where it will be installed. This is when we will get an exact measurement that is needed and prices finalized


Prep Work & Installation: Our prep work will be to again check to make sure the grade is correct from the foundation before laying a pro-grade fabric with staples to keep weeds from coming through.  From there, we install the rock and level it out where there will be approximately 2-3 inches of rock installed.

Maintaining Your Rock Bed: A little maintenance on your rock bed every once and awhile can help keep weeds from growing in the rocks.  Most of the time when you see weeds coming up they are actually on top of the fabric which can happen from grass clippings and dirt blowing into the rock bed.  After mowing you can use a leaf blower to blow any excess dirt or grass clippings that have blown into the bed out which will keep the weeds from growing top of the fabric.

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